Match Reports and Game Highlights

We like to think of our highlight reel as a reflection of our development and success as a team. Our players and coaches never cease to bring their unique skills and positive attitude to every competition, and we’re proud to share these unforgettable moments. Have a look for yourself and enjoy!


Medway Falcons vs. Brighton Starlings in their First League Game

So, here we have it…Medway Falcons flagship game against old rivals Brighton Handball Club Starlings. Today, the ladies of the women’s team (as well as David, Kuda and Little Marcell) set of to Canterbury’s Polo Farm Sports Centre to kick off their first game in the Regional Handball League (South East Tier 2).

The girls started strong, with many new players on the team, and put up a good fight. They worked tirelessly to score as many goals as they could, but this proved a little difficult against the defence of the Starlings.

The Falcons put up a good fight, and with every drop of sweat, blood and tears they battled through till the end, but were unable to bring home a victory this time. Worry not, though, as this only gives them the skills that they need to work on meaning they will be back stronger and hungry for a win.

Congratulations must go out to Naomi Bell (Team Captain) and Sarah (Brighton GK) for being named Players of the Match, and a thanks goes to the table officials Vanessa and David, as well as Kuda for his ongoing support and for doing the lines on the court.

The competitive season didn’t start the way the falcons had hoped, but it will end with a victory, I’m sure of that….#watchthefalconsrise


Medway Falcons Battle of the U19s!

Medway Falcons U19s were pleased to be invited to play at Medway Park Leisure Centre as a precursor to the EHF Challenge Cup between London GD Handball Club and Scotland’s Livingston Handball Club.

The energy in the air was electric, and the Under 19’s girls played their hearts out in the first game between themselves and the South East Regional Academy. They fought till the very end, only losing out by a single goal.

Then it was time for the Under 19’s Boys debut, and what a fantastic debut it was. Welcoming some newer players to the team, the boys battled their way to victory against an amicable opposition…their rivals; the Girls Team (and what a strong opposition it was).

Props goes to Naomi, Andrea, Adriana and Irish for being top scorers in the games, as well as the boys Rimvydas and Mindaugas on the boys team. As well as this there was some awesome defence from the girl’s team. Overall a solid effort and superb sportsmanship from all players…You made us PROUD!

Thanks goes to Coaches Iwona (boys team) and Erika (girls team), David (GK), Vanessa (GK), Ali (table official), Tom Middleton for offering us the opportunity to play…and not forgetting support from Nelly, Marcell, Leah and our supporters.  


Girls Win Their First Game 24-17!

Another day another handball game...well done to our u19s girls for their valiant effort today against West London Eagles, ending with an unfortunate loss...but the day certainly picked up with our first win for the u19s against Islington. Thank you to our wonderful coaches Erika and Iwona and to our supporters Nelly and Marcell and a huge well done to Goalkeeper Ninja Nicole for being named player of the match....onwards and upwards against Islington and Naomi for being player of the match against West London Eagles #watchthefalconsrise #newskillnovember

Thank you to both teams for great sportsmanship and great games!

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Medway Falcons Have Best Game Yet

Medway Falcons made the journey to Barking today to battle their way through what was a truly epic game against a very strong opponent, London Angels. Having watched the initial Premier League game verses West London Eagles, Medway Falcons were ready to take them on and play their best game of the season yet.

Although we accepted a gracious defeat (24-22), Falcons spirit and determination had somewhat differed from previous games. There was real fight in them, and positivity reigned supreme, helping them to lead by 5 goals for a majority of the game.

Supporting each other as any good team does, we maintained a strong defence and an awesome attack for the first 45 minutes of the game, and even though fatigue eventually set in (we played against mostly premier league players with a full bench of subs), this didn’t dampen the awesome spirit of the Medway Falcons. Our younger players, who lead the side and really did the Falcons proud, and our senior players let their experience shine through. Well done to all players, including Goalkeeper Vanessa for being Player of the Match. Also, well done goes to Iwona (13 goals), Erika (6 goals), Naomi (3 goals) and Adriana (1 goal) for being top scorers of the game, and to Jo, Zarra, Andrea and Ilga for their solid defence.

We are Medway Falcons, Watch Us Rise.

Thanks goes out to our supporters, the table officials, London Angels for hosting and the match officials. Thanks to Nelly and Babcia for looking after Marcell, and of course, thanks to the girls of the team for making today an epic experience.

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Under 19s Girls (and Rimi) go to the German School

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The Under 19’s Girls Team (and Rimi) made the epic journey to the German School in Richmond, London to play in the Under 19’s Tournament against Poole Phoenix and Islington. The girls went hungry for a win, and, despite not having their full consortium in the first game, they put up a damned good fight for a victory. Although objectively it felt like Falcons girls had started on a back foot, they let this propel them to lead the game by several goals until half time, when it was a gut wrenchingly close score of 9-10 to Poole Phoenix. Goalkeeper Nicole had the game of her life, and top scorers Naomi, Adriana and Tori demonstrated that in the face of adversity, the Falcons can show the opposition what they’re made of (blood, sweat and determination….and a little bit of handball glue). Even though it felt like the odds weren’t in their favour, what with some questionable refereeing and dubious penalties being given, this didn’t deter them from clawing their way to a final score of 17-20. With encouragement and support from Coach Iwona Mashanda, the girls did well, and they did the Falcons proud in the first game.

As the day progressed, the girls moved onto their second game against Islington, and with young player Syrine now being eligible to play, the girls brought home with them a 15-8 win. They shone throughout the game, and played incredibly well as a team, whilst still welcoming new players Tori and Syrine. The win gave them the boost that they needed, and will spur them onto victory in 2019. Well done, Young Falcons, keep up the amazing work.

Thanks goes to Coach Iwona for standing in for Erika and supporting our U19s team, Ali and Rimvydas for doing the table, match officials, the other teams and Mark for getting us there safely.

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Canterbury Knights vs. Medway Falcons Round 2

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In our final game of the year, Medway Falcons truly set a precedent with their highest scoring game yet. Despite an unfortunate loss, we fought until the end, with top scorers of the game Iwona (14 goals), Naomi (10 goals) and Erika (6 goals) leading the way to an epic score of 43-36. Despite losing by only a few goals, there was a marked improvement in the Falcons performance, and their whole attitude in general. The team believed they could and they did.

Performance from the team on a whole was awesome, with everyone giving 110% when chasing for victory. Canterbury had a strong attack, but in equal measures; so did the Falcons. Defence was on form, and through sheer willpower the team did not make it easy for Canterbury to take home a win…even though this meant there were several injuries in the process. With some excellent penalties from Iwona and Naomi, and some epic saves from our goalkeepers, we were able to soar to 36 goals; our highest score in a game yet.

The (mostly) young and fresh faced Falcons impressively demonstrated their talent throughout, taking on board skills learnt in training and putting them into practice to score goal after goal. With this being the last game of 2018, they take into 2019 the spirit and determination to succeed; lessons have been learnt this year and with the essence of positivity seeping onto the court, the Falcons can now move forward. They can go after their first league win. They can be the team that inspires other women, men and young people to join the sport. They can be the team that truly aspires to succeed in developing well rounded and highly skilled young players.

Moving into 2019, this will be our year. The team will develop and grow, and the Falcons will Rise.


Thanks go to Marcell for supporting, Rimvydas and Midaugas for doing the table, our Referee and to Canterbury Knights.

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Boys VS Girls...Its On!

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The Young Falcons played a friendly match....against each other! After a Brilliant Day of Paintballing, AGM and an Awards Ceremony the boys and girls put their game faces on. The boys took a strong lead, but the girls didn't give up that easily...Great Game All Round!

Well Done Young Falcons!

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Medway Falcons Grand Day Out...

Paintballing, Annual General Meeting and More

Falcons donned their war paint and set off to the pummel each other with paint balls. Yellow Peril against Purple Rain, and Yellow Peril reigned supreme!

We then headed back to the sports hall to host our AGM (minutes to be written; available at request) where Club President Ali gave a speech and the Annual Report for Medway Falcons (again this is available at request). 

The team were then awarded for all their hard work with Special Commendations going to the following players;

Women's Team - Players Player - Naomi Bell

Under 19s Girls Team - Players Player - Naomi Bell

Under 19s Boys - Players Player - Haydn Cooper

Women's Team - Coaches Player - Jo Hage

Under 19s Girls Team - Coaches Player - Andrea Zaneva

Under 19s Boys Team - Coaches Player - Haydn Cooper

Women's Team - Most Improved - Kim Hardy

Under 19s Girls Team - Most Improved - Irish Eligue

Under 19s Boys Team - Most Improved - Robbie D'Orsi

Most Dedicated - Nelly Ann Mashanda

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Andrea and Adriana Represent the Falcons in the South East Regional Academy

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A special WELL DONE goes to our Young Falcons Adriana and Andrea who represented the South East with the very best handball players in their age group at the U16s Regional Academy Handball Tournament in Stoke Mandeville. 

Not only did they play awesomely, but they also have added another skill...both have qualified as England Handball Level 1 Referees and Coaches. Epic!


Medway Falcons under 19s play final game of the season against Cambridge

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A gracious defeat for the Falcons under 19s Girls, but a great end to the season as the girls have massively improved both individually and as a team. Even though they didn't take home a victory, they are still winners in our eyes. The girls fought hard against Cambridge, and scored some fantastic goals with Ninja Nicole putting on an awesome defence in goal. It may not have been the result we wanted, but we know that next season we can come back stronger and hungry for a win. Well Done Girls, each and every one of you.


Medway Falcons Fight for National Shield

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Medway Falcons fought hard by unfortunately lost out to Stroud. We travelled to Stroud with hopes of taking home a win, but it just wasn't our day. Better luck next year, Falcons!


Falcons Win Against Chelsea!

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The Falcons, all kitted out with their newly sponsored team kit and tracksuits travelled to London, feeling fresh and pumped for the game. We battled it out to the end, and won 22-20 against Chelsea and what a sweet victory it was!

Defence was much better than the previous game against Stroud, and attack was also on form. We were positive throughout and this helped drive us towards a win. Well done to the team, and to Adriana, Player of the Game!

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Falcons Win Against Chelsea (Home Game)

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With a positive attitude, Falcons celebrated their second win against Chelsea HC. In what could be considered as a somewhat *tense* game between the two old rivals, the Chelsea girls amicably put up a good fight, but couldn't bring home a win. Falcons fought hard, defence was on form, attack was sharp and the girls celebrated every goal and every save by Player of the Game Goalkeeper Vanessa, giving them the boost they needed to take a 19-10 win. Well done girls and long may it continue!


Falcons Take on Chichester Vulcans in a Friendly Game

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Medway Falcons invited Chichester Vulcans to their home turf at Canterbury's Polo Farm to play them in a friendly game.

Falcons played well as a team against the newly formed Vulcans and ended the game with an epic score of 39-16. Well Done Falcons!


Final Score...23-20 to Brighton Starlings...But Falcons Definitely Game them a Run for their money!

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Medway Falcons travelled to Hayward Heath to take on their old rivals Brighton Starlings. This was a game to remember. With Brighton Starlings fighting to keep their place at the top of the league table and remain undefeated, Falcons wanted to take home a final win...and we nearly did. It was goal for goal almost the entire way through the game, and at one point the league champions were fighting to keep up with the Falcons, but despite a valiant effort from our young and courageous team, we left the venue with a score of 23-20. Well done to Starlings, an amicable and admirable team.

One thing to mention is how far our team has come since the beginning of the league...we have truly bonded as a team and this has only served to make us a force to be reckoned with. Bring on Next Season. 

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Vanessa plays last league game with Medway Falcons

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It is with a heavy heart that in July Medway Falcons bid farewell to our awesome goalkeeper, Vanessa. She will be playing two more tournaments with the Falcons and then will be leaving to return home and continue her studies. Best of Luck Vanessa, you will be sorely missed, but forever a Falcon. 


Four Falcons Attend GB Trials

Lucy, Tori, Daiza and Isla all show the GB Coaches what the Falcons are made of!

Four of our wonderful players have been selected for trials for the F19 GB Women's Team. They travelled to Stoke Mandeville Stadium to demonstrate all of their awesome abilities and make a (fast) break into the world of being onto the National Team. We wish them all the luck in the world and hope each and every one of them are selected for the team. Good Luck Girls!